Division of Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences (DSS) offers three undergraduate programs BA Political Science, BA Psychology, and BS Economics. It also offers General Education (GE) courses in Ethics (ETHICS 1), Philippine history (KAS 1), self and society (SAS 1), and understanding sex and gender (SOC SCI 5), as well as courses in Sociology and the mandated Philippine Institutions (PI) 100 course (Life and Works of Rizal). 

Graduates of the BA Political Science program pursue careers in public management, policymaking, community development, teaching, research, politics, law, and diplomacy. Graduates of the BA Psychology program take the Psychometricians Licensure Examination and pursue careers in guidance and counseling, teaching, research, human resource management, organizational development, and various other fields. Graduates of the BS Economics program become economists, financial risk analysts, financial planners, researchers, managers, and educators.  

The Division faculty also conducts research on critical sociopolitical and socioeconomic issues, and spearheads a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support program that provides training in psychological first aid, among others.