Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (DNSM) offers three undergraduate programs— BS Biology, BS Computer Science, and BS Applied Mathematics— and one graduate program— MS in Environmental Science. It also offers four General Education (GE) courses: SCIENCE 10 (Probing the Physical World), SCIENCE 11 (Living Systems: Concepts and Dynamics), STS 1 (Science, Technology and Society 1), and MATH 10 (Mathematics, Culture and Society).

Graduates of the BS Biology program pursue careers in research, teaching, environmental management and conservation, and the health professions. BS Computer Science graduates pursue careers in the IT (information technology) industry, academe, and research institutions. BS Applied Mathematics graduates can go on to become statisticians, actuarial analysts, business analysts, forecast analysts, data scientists, and mathematical modelers, among others.

Under DNSM is the Regional Environmental Information System (REIS) laboratory. The Division also has a Natural History Museum and Herbarium featuring fish and marine animals and plants collected by BS Biology students from around Eastern Visayas. The faculty conduct research in marine biology, natural ecosystems (forests, mangroves, lakes, rivers), biodiversity conservation, systems and networking, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and information visualization and modeling.