Division of Humanities

Bachelor of Arts in Literature


The BA Literature (BALit) curriculum is composed of 144 units of course work which can be completed in four years or eight semesters:

Core Courses (30 units)

BALit core courses cover literary theory and criticism, literary history, literary translation, and literary research.





CS 101

Introduction to Cultural Studies

Concepts, historical developments, theories, and issues related to the study of culture

3 units

CW 101

Introduction to Creative Writing

The elements and forms of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction

3 units

Lit 100

Introduction to Literature

Overview of the bases and concepts that are essential in the comprehension of literature

3 units

Lit 102

Introduction to Literary Translation

Theories and approaches to literary translation

3 units

Lit 103

Literary Theory and Criticism 

Introduction to the major principles of literary discourse proposed and applied in the study of texts by authors, beginning with Formalism up to Postcolonialism

3 units

Lit 105

Literature and New Media 

Study of various forms of new media that affect the reading, writing, accessing, and conceptualizing of literature

3 units

Lit 106

Literary History 

Theories and methods of literary history

3 units

Lit 190

Approaches to Teaching Literature

Theories and practices for literature pedagogy

3 units

Lit 199

Introduction to Literary Research

Principles, methods, tools and techniques of literary research

3 units

Lit 200

Undergraduate Thesis

3 units

Major Courses (48 units)

The BALit major courses include literature courses and creative writing courses.





CL 171

Popular Literature

Selected popular literature forms including romance, horror, detective and science fiction

3 units

CW 111

Creative Writing (Poetry)

Poetry writing for beginners including an exploration of canonical and contemporary poetry in English as well as poetry written in Filipino, Waray, and Cebuano

3 units

CW 112

Creative Writing (Short Story) 

Short story writing for beginners including an exploration of principles and practices, as well as an exploration of canonical and contemporary short stories in different languages

3 units

CW 114

Creative Writing (Creative Nonfiction)

Workshop course on the crafting of creative nonfiction

3 units

CW 150

Writing for Children I

The elements and forms of writing for children

3 units

Lit 120

Literatures of Asia

Survey of traditions and themes in Asian literature

3 units

Lit 121

Literatures of the Americas

Survey of traditions and themes in North, Central and South American literature

3 units

Lit 122

Literatures of Africa and Oceania

Survey of traditions and themes in African and Oceanic literature

3 units

Lit 123

Literatures of Europe

Survey of traditions and themes in European literatur

3 units

Lit 125a

Philippine Literature in English

A critical survey of Philippine Literature in English

3 units

Lit 125b

Philippine Regional Literatures

A critical survey of Philippine literature written in regional languages from the pre-Spanish period to the present

3 units

Lit 126

Anglo-American Literature

Study of poetry and fiction by writers of English or American origin, from different periods and traditions

3 units

Lit 127

Mythology and Folk Literature

A study of popular myth and folk literature and the mythological motifs recurring in ancient and contemporary literature

3 units

Lit 170

Eastern Visayas Literature 

Survey of Eastern Visayas Literature in most of its known forms and dialectal varieties and tendencies in the Waray- and Cebuano-speaking areas of Samar and Leyte

3 units

Lit 197

Special Topics in Literature and Creative Writing

Lecture course on topics of interest and new trends in Literature

3 units

PS 100

Introduction to Performance Studies

Introduction to the realm of performance in the various loci of living

3 units

Elective Courses (18 units)

BALit students take 18 units of elective courses in Theater Arts, Media Arts, or other disciplines (Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Biology, Computer Science, Management). These elective courses are meant to provide students an inter- or multi-disciplinary perspective to enrich their work in literary scholarship and production.

Other required courses

BALit students must also complete 12 general education (GE) courses, three language courses (e.g., Waray I and Spanish I), and the legislated PI 100 (The Life and Works of Jose Rizal) course, as well as four Physical Education courses and two National Service Training Program courses.